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When I'm not in the office, I'm usually drawing with Procreate on my iPad snuggled up on the couch with my dog as some dating reality show plays in the background. 

I letter about things that I am passionate about including social justice, self-exploration and mental health, and of course, snacks. My illustrative style reflects my brand colors which are bright and feminine and filled with beautiful floral patterns. Because I rarely use script font in the corporate setting, I like to play with whimsical handlettering styles in my free time. These pieces best reflect who I am as an artist and a person.

You Make Today Better.jpeg
Donut Kill My Vibe.jpeg
Tacos are my Love Language.jpeg
Last Name Hungry First Name Always.jpeg
Dwight You Ignorant Slut.JPG
Your Rude Opinion Is Not Welcome.jpeg

YEAR 2020


TYPE Illustration, Typography


ROLE Illustrator

Focus on What You Can Control.jpeg
Get In Loser We're Voting Out Bigots.jpeg
Send Noods.JPG
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