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While we all show love in a variety of ways, food is highly regarded as a universal love language. In every corner of the world, you can find family and friends sharing intimate moments and creating precious memories to last a lifetime.


This is the universal truth that sparked Nibble + Roam, a subscription box that connects the ultimate travel lover to different cultures around the globe through exploring food, art, and culture. Each monthly delivery features food items from a different region of the world, and a recipe card that you can use to share that specific culture with friends and family. In addition, every box contains handmade artisan goods, postcards, stickers, and fun facts allowing you to travel anywhere without ever leaving your couch. Finally, a portion of all purchases goes directly to a non-profit benefiting the featured local community, connecting hearts from around the world.


So, what are you waiting for? Discover your next destination with Nibble + Roam today!

YEAR 2021


TYPE Logo and Branding, Print Design, Digital Design, Package Design, Illustration


ROLE Final Project for MFA class, Personal Exploration

Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled2.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled3.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled4.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled5.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled6.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled7.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled8.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled11.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled10.png
Final Presentation PNG Unlabeled9.png
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